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The-Blueprints.com is a website dedicated to collecting 3/4/5-view drawings, templates and blueprints for as many objects as possible. Ranging from humans to tanks and cars to mobile phones, the goal is to provide reference material for 3D modelers, scale modelers, replica builders etc.
By updating the website on a daily basis, we currently have more than 65000 images in the collection, which makes this the largest free collection on the internet.


 Maybach 57
 Thebigboi on 2015/05/28 15:38
 DKM U-23 (Type II U Boat)
 mattryan98 on 2015/05/27 20:42
This is not a Type II U-boat. This is a Type 23 U-boat.
 MIL Mi-24B (Hind)
 Blair152 on 2015/05/26 21:28
The Mil Mi-24 Hind B was first used in Afghanistan by the Soviet Union.
 USS CA-27 Chester
 djsavell on 2015/05/26 15:45
My father was stationed aboard the USS Chester back in 1936.
 Austin A30 4-Door Saloon (1953)
 Mr.Buzzy on 2015/05/25 21:41
Believe it or not, I was born in the back seat of one of these in 1957.




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